About the Art

My paintings are for seeing. They are a constant colour development subject to an ever-changing interpretation.

My painting is direct. What matters most is the revelation contained in the act – the act of doing it becomes the experience – colour, gesture, emotion, poetry, the internal energy of paint itself.

I paint on the floor. I feel neerer, more a part of the painting. I can walk around it, work from all four sides and literally be in the painting.

Ad Reinhardt said: “What kind of love or grief is there in it? I don’t understand, in a paiting, the love of anything except the love of painting itself.”

Art history and archaeology have always interested me and are important to my work. Numerous trips to Italy, Greece, Turkey, India, and Spain, etc, have been most inspirational. I have participated in an archaeology dig in Etruria (Tuscany), studied Fresco technique in Italy, and I have written a book on Ancient Greece as well as on Anatolia (ancient Turkey). My technique relies on color supported by structure with abundant use of collage. Rose Lindzon

Rose Lindzon is a painter”’s painter. As much as her romantic, sensitive, overlay of colour and intimate referential vocabulary may differ superficially from Reignhardt’s cool and remote paintings, their aims are similar. Rose Lindzon loves to paint!

Lindzon’s work has relied on exploration – each work building from the last, each new phase posing another question to be solved. Rich in gestural and impasto application of paint, that paint can be unrepentantly peeled back to reveal the paintings support. Collage introduces essentially foreign elements into the rich and painterly matrix. Joyce Zemans- York University.